On my personal path, i have often needed a mentor and someone to confide in. someone to ask all of the questions i had, in a safe space. 

Although i have had amazing and supportive figures throughout my career, i had to figure a lot of things out for myself.

with thousands of shows now performed,
i'd like to pass my lessons on to you.


Zoom sessions!

5 weeks worth of:
        90 min group session
        60 min danceclass with personal feedback

        A personal 30 min session in the beginning, and end of our program so that I can get to know you before we begin, and make sure you are feeling supported and strong when you leave!

In total, 5 group sessions, 2 private sessions and
5 group classes with personalized feedback!

A 5-week online mentorship program for you as a dancer to deepen your understanding of the industry you are in, how to navigate it, and where you belong in it. 
Real personal experience, encouragement, and tools from me to you.

What is           ?

Topics for our group sessions:

☑️Your rights as a dancer
☑️Getting represented by an agent
☑️Fitness and injury prevention
☑️Mindset and healthy self-talk
☑️Professionalism and discipline
☑️Being prepared
☑️The invisible rules in a work space

We will also touch on:
Tips and tricks for stage make-up
and lots of personal experiences and lessons.

First round has been concluded. 
Hang tight for next one!

to sign up, and for more information about 
 "The Path", shoot me an email!

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