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Roxstar showcase

Wallmans season 2023
Opening number

ROXSTAR is an electrifying all women’s rock show in Las Vegas, with a POWERHOUSE of talent behind it. The show premiered March 19th 2023, and we cannot wait for whats next!

Check out a video from the show here.

Pretty woman the musical, denmark

I had the incredible opportunity to choreograph the renowned production of "Pretty Woman: The Musical" in Denmark, which premiered september 14 2022. The show garnered great reviews, and I am grateful to have received mentions in a few of those. It was an immensely gratifying experience to bring this beloved story to life through dance and movement. Working with such talented cast and crew was an absolute pleasure, and I am immensely proud of the hard work and dedication that went into creating a memorable and entertaining production. 

The show was produced by Lion Entertainment.
Director: Heinrich Christensen
Stage Design: Benjamin LaCour

I had the absolutely pleasure of choreographing the opening for Wallmans new season 2023.
It is a worldclass dinner show with acrobatics, singers, musicians, dancers, and a stage show that will knock your socks off. All while having a delicious dinner and great hosting to guide you through the evening. 
Thank you for having me!

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